Euro-Med Monitor in Yemen


Obstruction of relief work in Yemen foreshadows a humanitarian catastrophe

Euro-Med Monitor: Houthis should immediately stop targeting civilian facilities in Saudi Arabia

Euro-Med Monitor documents mass killings of civilians in Yemen’s Ad Dali' Governorate

France Should Stop Persecuting Journalists Who Revealed Its Role in the Yemen War

Joint statement: Stop death penalty sentences against convicts in Yemen

Euro-Med sends urgent letter to the Working Group on Enforced Disappearance regarding detainees in Yemen

Shocking testimonies of forced disappearance and systematic torture in Houthi prisons in Yemen

Euro-Med calls for re-inclusion of Saudi-UAE coalition in UN annual report on child murder and armed conflict

In an oral statement to the Human Rights Council..The Euro-Med Monitor urges to spare the Yemeni children of the the armed conflict and calls for investigation into abuses against them

Joint statement: Euro-Med Monitor and SAM condemn recruitment of mercenaries by UAE to kill civilians in Yemen, call for accountability