The Director of the International Committee of the Red Cross in the Middle East (ICRC), Jay Millett, asserted that a physician from the Red Cross Committee will visit the MP Ahmed Al-Haj Ali, who has been on hunger strike for 8 days in the Israeli prison "Megiddo". This promise came during a formal meeting held in Geneva with the Chairman of the board of Trustees of  The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor (Euro-Med Monitor ) and its Regional Director.

Mr. Millett noted that the physician of ICRC visits Hana Shelby in "Hasharon" prison almost every day since she started the hunger strike on 16th February, in protest against being held in the administrative detention.

Mr.  Millett and his deputy, Eloi Fillion stated that the  ICRC follows the case hunger strike in the Israeli prison with great interest, whereby the ICRC is preparing its crews to cope with the increase in number of hunger striking prisoners.

He also explained that ICRC closely follows the health status of prisoner Khader Adnan, after ending his hunger strike, which lasted about two months. The officials added that ICRC is keen on enabling Hana Shelby’s family to visit her this week.

Both sides reviewed the latest efforts made by ICRC in order to enable the families of prisoners from the Gaza Strip to visit their relatives in Israeli prisons. Millet stated that the efforts now are being made at the highest level in order to urge the Israeli side to end this "deprivation" of visits.

Meanwhile, the director of ICRC said “we don’t face any difficulties in visiting detainees held by the security services in the West Bank and Gaza Strip."

Millett pointed out that the dismissed government in Gaza respects the agreement signed between ICRC and the Palestinian Authority, which ensures facilitating the movement of the ICRC delegates in prisons and detention centers in Gaza.