This report presents documented cases of Palestinian civilians used as human shields by Israeli military forces ...Read more

Between 8 July and 26 August, 2014, Israeli forces conducted an estimated 60,664 raids into the Gaza Strip....Read more

On 15 September, 2014, more than 400 asylum seekers from the Gaza Strip, Syria, Egypt and Sudan were drowned in international waters on their way to Italy...Read more

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On the night of 6 June 2014, at least 11 Israeli soldiers have taken over the home of Mohamed Ayad (73) and Nejma Ayad (68), American citizens, in the village of Silwad,...Read more

Thousands of Palestinians are struck in miserable limbo unable to leave or easily enter the Gaza Strip, for study abroad, medical care, work or family visits for the past 7 years....Read more

Women and girls are disproportionately and sometimes uniquely burdened – particularly in the Gaza Strip ...Read more

As American and European governments push the Palestinians to stay engaged in yet another round of peace talks, the Israeli government continues to not only condone but promote expansion by Jewish hardliners into East Jerusalem – the city widely recognized as the capital of the Palestinian territory....Read more

It has been 65 years since more than 6 million Palestinians were displaced to make way for the state of Israel, and 46 years since the creation of another 834,000 refugees in the aftermath of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank....Read more