Israel is expanding its operations to once again target civilians in Gaza. On Aug. 23, the 47th day of the assault, 12 Palestinians were killed in relentless Israeli airstrikes across the Gaza Strip, including five women and two children....Read more

Israeli Aggression on besieged Gaza in 47 Days...Read more

As another ceasefire begins, a full tally of the damage wrought by the massive, sustained Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip continues to develop and reveal higher numbers than previously reported, even as residents return to their homes....Read more

The Israeli military uses Palestinian civilians as human shields, a new report from the Euro-Mid Observer for Human Rights soon will reveal....Read more

The Euro-Mid Observer issued a working paper in May 2015 calling for the opening of the Gaza seaport...Read more

With a ceasefire holding at least temporarily, a detailed assessment of the damage now is emerging showing the true scale of the Israeli destruction of the Gaza Strip...Read more

Since the beginning of the assault on Gaza almost a month ago, Israel has repeatedly committed international violations by deliberately targeting civilians and carrying out mass killings, ...Read more

Israeli Aggression on besieged Gaza in 28 Days...Read more

The number of victims of the Israeli attack on the besieged Gaza Strip has killed more than 1,800 and injured more than 9,300. During the four weeks of Israel’s barbaric attack, a number of doctors have been expressed their disapproval of the nature of casualties, ...Read more